“This irresistible book recounts its preposterous yet authentic tale with meticulous detail and bemused detachment. Warning: Don’t read too close to bedtime. “Provenance” is impossible to put down...”  

    —The Christian Science Monitor


"elegantly recounted ... Salisbury and Sujo evoke with flair the plush art world and its penetration by the seductive Drewe as well as the other players in this fascinating art drama." 

            —Publishers Weekly, starred review


"gripping narrative ... the enthralling tale forces readers to rethink the question of what makes art valuable." 

             —Kirkus Reviews


 There’s something delicious about stories of duping the elite and

reducing the passion for beauty to a sleazy con game. Salisbury and Sujo couldn’t have chosen a more thrilling example... A colorful cast and nimble detection make for a thoroughly engrossing tale of warped creativity and monstrous hubris.

    — Booklist


“...a Faustian tale,”

    —San Francisco Chronicle


“It is nonfiction, but its hair-raising investigative reporting reads like a thriller that just might knock you right out of your beach chair.”



“The authors portray the deceptive glamour and romance of art forgery with the detailed wit and well-paced narrative of a suspense thriller.”

    —Daily Dose Pick, Flavorwire.com


“Provenance would make a great film, but even a great film would have a hard time equaling the layers of depth and tone provided by Salisbury and Sujo’s book. Read it for the art history, read it for the psychology, but do read it.”



“...well-crafted tale... [British conman] Drewe, for all his odious ambitions, is ingenious, persuasive, even brilliant. As I was pulled deeper into his deceptions, I couldn't help admiring this creep.”

    —Washington Post


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Laney Salisbury

Laney Salisbury

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2010 Edgar Best Fact Crime Finalist

2010 Notable Books List, American Library Association

Barnes & Noble Review, Best Literary Non-Fiction List, 2009

HistoryWire, Ten Best Books List, 2009

Picked for Best Books of 2009 by the Christian Science


Oprah’s Top 4 Summer Reading Picks, 2009

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"A stirring tale of survival, thanks to man's best friend . . . reflects a

transcendent understanding and impeccable research."

• Seattle Times

“A classic tale of man against nature enacted against the heartbreaking ice

fields of Jack London’s White Silence.”

• New York Times Book Review


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Pathways’ Bridge to Caring 2013 features Laney Salisbury, best-selling author of

Provenance, “the extraordinary narrative of one of the most far reaching and elaborate

deceptions in art history.”

Laney began her career as a journalist following a sojourn in India that ignited her passion for

writing. A stint in Africa as a freelance journalist led her to enroll in Columbia University’s

Graduate School of Journalism. After an internship in the Middle East, Laney returned to New


While working for Reuters, she met Aly Sujo, the man who would become her writing partner

and husband. He encouraged Laney to follow her interest: exploring journalistic stories of

complexity and subtlety. Her first book was The Cruelest Miles: the Heroic Story of Dogs and

Men in a Race Against an Epidemic, about a diphtheria epidemic in Nome, Alaska in 1925,

which Laney wrote with her cousin Gay Salisbury.

In their book Provenance, Aly and Laney traced the astonishing story of how con man John

Drewe forever changed the art world. Aly passed away just as the manuscript for Provenance

was finished. The book received wide acclaim and was included on Oprah’s Summer Reading

List for 2009

Afternoon bridge, dinner with the author, or wine & hors d’oeuvres reception options available,

followed by the program. Join us for an evening to remember.

Individual seats and sponsorships available Book signing to follow the presentation.


Click here for a PDF version of the flyer